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Diddychwy ((Pronounced: Did-di-ki) is a four piece Adelaide based Bush/Folk band that successfully blend lively Irish and Celtic instrumentals and songs / with Ballads / Jazz and Australian traditional and contemporary folk songs.

Diddychwy now over twenty five years old has been Adelaide’s premier folk band, performing in all imaginable entertainment settings including; The Victor Harbour Folk Festival, The Glenelg Australia Day Concert, The Kapunda Celtic Festival and heading the festivities for the Irish Association ‘St Patrick’s Day Celebrations.

The Bands musical and vocal versatility and wide repertoire allows Diddychwy to entertain and delight a huge range of audiences. There are four musicians in Diddychwy. The band is equally at home with quieter background music or rollicking dance tunes. Diddychwy adapts to the requirements of your client group and yet is fully capable of running the show, so all you have to do is just sit back and enjoy. The P.A. system supplied and operated by Diddychwy is capable of serving up to four thousand people or simply a small group.

Our Dual vocalist Tony Gill & Cliff Milne are experienced dance callers and can if requested, add yet another dimension to your evening’s entertainment. The “Great Aussie Bush Dance” encourages patrons to dance, / mingle and have loads of fun. Dances are called and the audience need no experience but only to follow the calls. Diddychwy are masters at leading their audience, so all you need do is to sit back or dance and enjoy the night’s entertainment. In other words, no previous dance experience is necessary.

Folk dancing may add an extra dimension to your night’s entertainment, ensuring that attendants mingle and cooperate with one another, having loads of fun in the process.

Diddychwy plays a variety of folk music including;


Ø     Celtic jigs and reel,

Ø     Scottish tunes,

Ø     Traditional Australian songs,

Ø     American folk tunes and songs,

Ø     Some trad Jazz and,

Ø     Several other forms of music.


There are four members in the band.


Ø     Tony Gill:         (Dance caller, Singer, whistle, flute, trumpet, guitar player.)

Ø     Kym Perry:      (Violin player, singer.)

Ø     Cliff Milne:       (Dance caller, Bass player, singer.)

Ø     Dominic Gill:    (Guitarist, singer.)


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